How they work

The Spraystream SS-15i is the newest in Air One’s line of defense against dust and odors in confined areas. The ability for the SS-15i to control very fine particulate and odor in smaller spaces is unparalleled by any other apparatus on the market today. The SS-15i uses less than a quarter gallon a minute of water and can send a stream of very fine mist up to 45-feet from the front of the unit. Coupled with oscillation, each SS-15i can cover over 5,000 square feet of area. With the addition of a dosing pump to add surfactants and/or deodorizers, there is little the SS-15i can not do in smaller transfer stations and recycling centers

Simple Operation

SS15’s operate in two ways.  The light version uses street water pressure only.  The standard version uses a high pressure pump.  Both types atomize the water into 20 micron droplet size or less and they rely on 120 volt power and operate by the flip of a switch.

Durable and Reliable

The SS15’s come in a lightweight composite housing.  Motors and fans are duty rated for consistent performance and reliability.

Water Management

Spray volume is completely adjustable from 0.1-gallons per hour (gph) up to 25-gph. The system can be operated on domestic water supply pressure or high pressure pump.

Available Models

  • Ceiling mounted, non-oscillating
  • Ceiling mounted, oscillating
  • Portable, non-oscillating
24 inch fan 120 or 230 volt power
4 cleanable filtered nozzles Oscillating option
.25 gpm average water flow VFD pump option
45 feet of throw multi unit arrangement
Average 10 micron droplet

Industrial Air Filtration

Industrial air filtration consists of dust collection, mist collection, odor and fumes extraction and exhaust from vehicles removal.  Our air purifier systems remove harmful air particles.  This is done by moving contaminated air through industrial air filters and then moving that cleaned air back into the environment which eliminates the needs for air makeup units.

These industrial air filtrations systems are suitable solutions for dust control, odor control, welding, grinding, sanding, and wood or carpentry dust environments, as well as automotive recycling, construction and demolition and waste recycling.  Any process that produces smoke, dust, or fumes, can be controlled by our air filtration systems.  These systems will improve working conditions and health conditions of workers and will reduce dust particles in your building.

AirMation – The Premier Industrial Air Filtration

What Air Filtration Does

The AirMation® Industrial Air Cleaner is a multi-stage progressive filtration system designed to capture airborne particulates, contamination and gaseous pollutants. It is powered by a 3000 cubic foot per minute (MFR Rated) direct drive blower that draws diesel exhaust and pollutants into the filtration media.

A 4″ Pre-filter is composed of a blend of high loft synthetic and natural fibers designed to capture particulate as small as 4 microns in size. The next filter stage is the V-Bank High Efficiency Particle Filter. This 24″x 24″x 12″ultra fine glass fiber media removes particulates as small as 0.3 microns. The final filtration stage is a 24″x 24″x 12″ Gas Phase Carbon Filter. Containing 26 pounds of activated coconut shell carbon, this filter removes gaseous pollutants and foul odors from the air.

The purified airflow is reintroduced into your facility through a baffle box attachment that deadens noise levels while diffusing and dissipating the clean filtered air. Each AirMation® Industrial Air Filtration Cleaner effectively reduces diesel fumes, diesel soot, airborne particulates, nuisance dusts, respirable dusts, smoke, odors, noxious gases, VOCs, welding smoke, carbon monoxide (CO), and oil mist.

Call Air One, Inc. to discuss designing and implementing your Industrial Air Filtration System.

Our Industrial strip are the most economical solution to protect employees, equipment and the environment from adverse environmental conditions such as noise, heat, cold, humidity, dust and drafts.

In order to meet the demanding requirements of today’s industrial marketplace, our product line is constantly being updated. We have the ability to offer the most diversified range of PVC products to handle your everyday needs or your most troublesome problems.

Our PVC strip material ranges from .060” to .160” in thickness and is available in either Standard grade or USDA Low Temp Reinforced grade. There are 4 different types of mounting hardware that give you the versatility to mount on the wall above the door header or under the door jamb.

Dust Reduction

Industrial strip doors create a physical barrier between the interior of a facility and the outside. This barrier prevents the migration of particles (dust and others) from passing between the two environments. The industrial strip doors also allow for the passing of equipment and/or trucks with unrestricted access. This speeds up the flow of materials in and out of your facility and helps to increase profits.

Noise Reduction Potential

The noise reduction potential of our industrial strip doors is 10 db to 35 db depending on the thickness of the material and the percent of doorway opening covered. By reducing noise levels within the building, you are helping yourself to eliminate the potential from off-site complaints and enforcement action by regulatory agencies.

Other Benefits

  • Reduces hot or cold air loss
  • Restricts movement of air pollutants
  • Admits light for safer environment
  • Provides bird and flying insect control
  • Isolates noisy machinery
  • Increases employee comfort
  • Easy to install
  • Strong and durable
  • Minimizes maintenance

Mounting Choices

We offer several choices for mounting your industrial strip door. The “Heavy Duty” design provides superior strength up to 24′ wide. Our “Standard Duty” design can be easily adjusted or rolled up on doorways up to 11′ wide. All brackets are zinc plated.

  • Universal Mounting System
  • Sliding Track Strip Doors
  • Overhead Strip Door Brackets

Why the Monsoon?

For over 60 years, turbines have been used for spraying, dusting, debris removal, dust suppression and odor control. Our new Monsoon has been designed, engineered and constructed to meet or exceed our customers demanding expectations everyday. The Monsoon is the most reliable piece of field equipment for dust control and is built for the harshest environments. Because our product is manufactured by a company with over 60 years of experience manufacturing turbine-driven products, we have the ability to price our products giving great value to you, the customer. Monsoon units give even the smallest organization the ability to own one, two or three of these units for less than one at the competitors cost. This puts more money where it belongs — back into your business.

Gyratory Atomizing Nozzle

The Monsoon will move water or other fluid through a proprietary gyrating atomizing nozzle, which will expel solution from a rotating hub (through a screen at the perimeter of the atomizing nozzle), resulting in a high speed impact that pulverizes the fluid into a uniform spectrum of droplets.


Tiny droplets when formed will mix with the highly turbulent airflow generated by the 14” single stage turbine, and will be projected into the air. The 50-200 micron size droplets will collect and trap airborne Dust Particulates and odors, ultimately resulting in an immediate reduction of pollution on site.

The Monsoon features:

  • Flow rates from 2.5 up to 20-gpm
  • Throws a mist over 100’ & up to 4-stories
  • Will not clog
  • Maintenance free
  • Uniform droplet size

The Monsoon system is offered in various sizes such as the CKB3, 8000, Monsoon 2, PTO, Hydraulic Skidsteer, Electric and Diesel.

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