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Disc Fans

Disc Fans / SS15

How they work

The Spraystream SS-15i is the newest in Air One’s line of defense against dust and odors in confined areas. The ability for the SS-15i to control very fine particulate and odor in smaller spaces is unparalleled by any other apparatus on the market today. The SS-15i uses less than a quarter gallon a minute of water and can send a stream of very fine mist up to 45-feet from the front of the unit. Coupled with oscillation, each SS-15i can cover over 5,000 square feet of area. With the addition of a dosing pump to add surfactants and/or deodorizers, there is little the SS-15i can not do in smaller transfer stations and recycling centers

Simple Operation

SS15’s operate in two ways.  The light version uses street water pressure only.  The standard version uses a high pressure pump.  Both types atomize the water into 20 micron droplet size or less and they rely on 120 volt power and operate by the flip of a switch.

Durable and Reliable

The SS15’s come in a lightweight composite housing.  Motors and fans are duty rated for consistent performance and reliability.

Water Management

Spray volume is completely adjustable from 0.1-gallons per hour (gph) up to 25-gph. The system can be operated on domestic water supply pressure or high pressure pump.

Available Models

  • Ceiling mounted, non-oscillating
  • Ceiling mounted, oscillating
  • Portable, non-oscillating
 24 inch fan 120 or 230 volt power
4 cleanable filtered nozzles Oscillating option
.25 gpm average water flow VFD pump option
45 feet of throw multi unit arrangement
Average 10 micron droplet

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