Air Curtains

How they work

Air Curtains Centrifugal Fan

Air Curtains and air curtain doors are commonly used on over sized garage door openings. Air Curtains inhibit air, dust, smoke, insects and odors from entering or leaving through doorway openings while permitting unrestricted personnel entry and exit.

Air-Lock Air Doors/Air Curtains create an invisible barrier of high velocity air to separate different environments. Exterior fresh air enters the unit through the intake. It is then compressed by scrolled fan housings and forced through a nozzle which is directed into the building to keep potentially contaminated air from exiting the facility to the environment. The system utilizes centrifugal fans mounted on direct driven, dual shafted motors. The result is a uniform air screen across the opening with enough force to stop winds up to 25 mph!  Air Curtains are an incredible innovation.  If you need a commercial air curtain or multiple, you’ve come to right place- Air One, Inc can assist you with choosing the right product and implementation.

Environmental Containment

Air Curtains | Environment Circulation

Air Curtain Environment Circulation Air Curtains seal in contaminants and seal out contaminates and decrease your likelihood of receiving fines and encountering compliance issues. The high air velocity prevents the escape of dirt, dust and contaminated air from open doorways, while protecting the exterior environment from potential pollution.

Air Curtains for Dust and Odor Containment

Air curtains/ Air doors can be used in applications where the exhaust of airborne dust particles or offensive odors to the environment cannot be tolerated. The invisible screen of air will allow the unrestricted passage of equipment and personnel while preventing dust or contaminated air from escaping. This principle holds true for almost any airborne contaminate or nuisance.


  • Wide range of sizes available (up to 16’ long)
  • Stackable
  • Heavy duty steel, pre-drilled holes for ceiling suspension (6 mounting points)
  • Adjustable air volume control 50% to 100% is standard
  • Stops wind up to 25 mph
  • High performance with low noise levels
  • Standard voltages: 208/240/480/3 phase/60 Hz
  • Easy and fast installation
  • Safest industrial door (full visibility)
  • Draws down warm air
  • Increases employee comfort
  • Prevents entry of flying insects

Air Curtains | Mounting Options

  • Ceiling Mount
    • Most industrial units are mounted using suspended rods from the ceiling. This method is most practical when door tracking apparatus is in the way. Also, mounting plates can be attached to extend the length of the unit.
  • Bracket/Plate Wall Mount
    • This wall mounting system circumvents some mounting problems by extending the industrial unit’s mounting holes beyond the door tracking apparatus of the existing overhead door.
  • Industrial Unit Wall Mount
    • This is the easiest of all mounting methods. However, a firm tie-in to the wall using the 4 pre-drilled side-mounting holes is absolutely essential.
  • Vertical Mounting
    • Vertically mounted Air Doors are not recommended for commercial use. However, for industrial applications where there is no space above the doorway or for openings that are exceptionally high, vertical Air Doors can be installed. Interior doors should not exceed 18′ in width and exterior doors widths should be 16′ or less.

Air One, Inc. offers customized air curtain doors.  Contact us today to discuss your individual needs.