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Dust Collection System

When you run an industrial operation that creates dust you must have a proper dust collection system designed and installed.  A Dust collection system is often mandates by laws and regulations in your industry.  A dust collection system will keep your employees safe from dust hazards.  Breathing in dust can be detrimental to one’s health.

Industrial dust creation can pose a serious threat to your people, your product and your facility. Dust is inherent in a wide range of industries such as Recycling of Construction and Demolition (C&D) or Municipal Solid Waste (MSW), Sewage Treatment works, Quarries and Foundaries, Cement or Concrete, Pulp & Paper and any industry where dust is produced or disturbed — making it airborne.  Air One, Inc has 10 + years of custom dust collect system design and implementation.

Dust Collection System | Recycling Construction and Demolition (C&D)

Misting Systems for Dust Control

Industrial Dust Control Systems

Our dust control systems are designed and engineered to meet your specific business’ needs. We understand that each site or facility presents a unique circumstance.

Protects Your People, Your Product, Your Facility

Air One dust control systems are custom engineered for your specific application and help to protect your people and your business.

Dust Control for C&D

Dust Collection System for Municipal Solid Waste (MSW)

Rotary Fogger- Dust Control

Air One, inc. will create a dust solution tailored to your space and budget allowing you to capture dust at the source of the problem.  It’s well known that inhaling dust particles and airborne bacteria at solid waste processing plants can be hazardous to your health especially in the Solid Waste Industries- by the nature of the waste being broken down.  The United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has imparted strict rules regarding dust collection systems that must be implemented in plants in the Solid Waste Industry.  According to the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) the potential for human health harm becomes exponentially worse over time:  our respiratory systems and our skin can become increasingly more and more sensitive to wood dust and other dusts, the more we become exposed to it.  Allergies can develop over time and become more evident with a faster onset as your body sensitizes to the dust.  Allergic reactions such as nasal dryness, asthma, dermatitis and eye irritations can occur.

Dust Collection System for Recycling Environments

Recycling Dust Control

Recycling construction and demolition debris and MSW involves materials like wood, cement and paper that produce dust when processed.  OSHA has classified wood dust as a known carcinogen, causing cancer.

In addition to health hazards, the presence of dust in the workforce can cause fire and safety hazards.  Wood or saw dust can easily catch fire if a spark arises.  Wood or saw dust can create a slipping hazard on the floor.  Our Dust Collection System Designs will take care of these potential issues for you and Air One, Inc will do this in an affordable, safe, and efficient manner.  Our Dust Collection Systems can be designed without taking up floor space with adapters and accessories to bring dust collection to every nook and cranny inside your operating facility.  Our experienced team offers installation after the design stage is complete.

Air One has a Dust Collection System designed specifically for these demanding environments.  Contact us today so we can do a free consultation as the first step in the process.